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Breeding horses and ponies has been an evolution for me.  From my first introduction to Trakehners in the late 70's, through breeding some nice horses in the 80's and then establishing Silver Eagles Farm in 2002 after retiring from the military, I have constantly tried to expand my knowledge base and continue to develop my eye.  Hours were spent watching yearlings walk by at the OBS barns as I compared conformation and bloodlines.   Although horse shows generally bore me, I went just to watch young horses move and see which horses placed in model classes.  While overseas, I was privileged to ride friends' Sardinian ex-racehorses through gorgeous LaMaddalena terrain,  wonderful Mexican Army mounts at the Presidential Palace Riding Stables and my own Argentinian Thoroughbred while stationed in the Panama Canal Zone.  I bred my horses and ponies to have gorgeous heads and necks, nice sloping shoulders and pasterns, sound legs, good strong feet, athletic ability and friendly, willing dispositions.

Now my breeding stock is up in years and will not be producing more foals.  My interest in producing mounts for the show ring has waned, and I have become more selective in who I'd consider as a suitable guardian for my ponies and horses.   



Cindy M. Davidson

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