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Silver Eagles Farm horses and ponies are bred and raised in family bands.  The stallion, mares and foals live together until the foals are weaned, -- at about a year in age.  This allows the foals to be properly socialized with other horses -- their mamas (and aunties) dote on them and the stallion plays with them and teaches them to behave.  After  weaning, they live in pastures with other horses or ponies and have a chance to grow. The pastures have a combination of hills with gravel soil and lowlands with clay to expose their hooves to the varying conditions.  Most of the pastures have streams and wooded areas.  Everyone is barefoot.  The ponies and horses learn to respect people at an early age, they never have the misconception that people are playfellows or someone they can rub on or push around, but they are trained as they grow with positive reinforcement.  Some have been handled more than others, but NO ONE would have the bad manners to maliciously kick or bite.   They are good-natured, kind and tractable. 

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